Background to HIV Prevention

Background to HIV Prevention

On completion of this module, participants will develop an understanding of:

  1. Treatment as Prevention©® (TasP©®) & the HIV epidemic in BC
  2. HIV testing in BC
  3. HIV transmission and acute infection
  4. Chemoprophylaxis terminology

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Dr. Silvia Guillemi, MD, CCFPC
Director, Clinical Education & Training,
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS;
Clinical Professor, Department of Family Practice,
University of British Columbia

Dr. Silvia Guillemi is the Director of Clinical Education at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, the Director of the UBC Enhanced Skills HIV/AIDS Program, and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Practice at UBC. Dr. Guillemi has been fully engaged in the management of HIV-positive patients since 1999. She is a member of the Committee for Drug Evaluation and Therapy and a co-chair of the Subcommitee for Primary Care Guidelines for the Management of HIV/AIDS. In clinical research, Dr. Guillemi’s areas of interest include co-morbidities in HIV (osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, neurocognitive impairment, and others) as well as antiretroviral management.