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The videos in this course were written and narrated by:

Mary Petty (Social Worker, Immunodeficiency Clinic, St. Paul’s Hospital)

Paul Kerston (former Treatment Outreach Coordinator, Positive Living Society of British Columbia)

Mary and Paul are also current and former co-lead faculty members of the University of British Columbia course, SOWK452 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, after which this online course is modelled. SOWK452 (formerly IHHS402) is a summer intensive course offered to students in nursing, medicine, social work, pharmacy, nutritional sciences, dentistry and dental hygiene studies. SOWK452 emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to HIV care, treatment and support, as well as psychosocial issues and patient-centered care. We have adapted the content and approach of this face-to-face course to create the online course Working Together: Interprofessional Care in HIV. Contents of this course were developed by clinicians and providers of diverse disciplines. See About the Authors on the menu to the left for their bios.

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The History of HIV/AIDS

For a list of suggested readings and videos about the history of HIV/AIDS, click on Recommended Readings and Videos on the menu to the left.

Interprofessional Care