Forefront Lecture

Forefront Lecture

Natural Product-Derived Compounds and Traditional Medicines in HIV Suppression,
Remission, and Cure Strategies

Dr. Ian Tietjen

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Where: Cullen Lecture Theatre (SPH 1477), Providence Level 1, St. Paul’s Hospital
When:  Thursday, June 28th, 12-1 PM

This talk is open to the public

A light lunch will be served


Dr. Ian Tietjen joined the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University in July 2017. Previously he was a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Charles Rice at Rockefeller University and a Research Associate with Drs. Zabrina Brumme and Mark Brockman at FHS and Dr. David Fedida at the University of British Columbia. He also worked as a Group Leader in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Cardiome Pharma Corp. in Vancouver and a Senior Scientist at Xenon Pharmaceuticals in Burnaby.

Dr. Tietjen’s research focuses on mechanisms of viral pathogenesis and antiviral discovery. His laboratory uses cell biology, genetics, and drug discovery techniques to investigate the molecular properties of HIV latency and replication of flaviviruses such as yellow fever and Zika. Dr. Tietjen’s laboratory also conducts screens of chemical compound libraries, natural products, and traditional medicines to identify and characterize new antivirals. The laboratory is also involved in documenting and investigating natural product and traditional medicine-based antivirals used in Southern Africa, Canada, and elsewhere.


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