Forefront Lecture

Forefront Lecture

Emerging Issues in Pathogenesis,

Adaptive Immunity, and Vertical Transmission of

HCV and HIV-1

Hugo Soudeyns, PhD

Director, Department of Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal

Where: Large Lecture Theatre, Providence Level 1, St. Paul’s Hospital
When: Monday, November 27, 2017, 12:00 – 1:00PM

This talk is open to the public

A light lunch will be served

Dr. Hugo Soudeyns trained in virology under the supervision of Dr. Mark A. Wainberg (1987‐1993), with whom he characterized the properties of antiviral drug lamivudine (3TC). He also spent time in the labs of Dr. Rafick Sekaly (1994‐1997), Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH; Bethesda; 1994‐1995), and Giuseppe Pantaleo (CHUV; Lausanne, Switzerland; 1996‐1999), where he worked on the pathogenesis of acute HIV infection. In January 2000, Dr. Soudeyns opened a research unit devoted to the study of viral immunopathology at CHU Sainte‐Justine, Montreal, the most important pediatric hospital in Eastern Canada. Pursued in collaboration with CHU Sainte‐Justine’s Centre maternel et infantile sur le sida, the work of Dr. Soudeyns led to the identification of important differences in cell‐mediated immunity between adults and children, and contributed to the understanding of the pathogenesis of pediatric HIV infection. At present, the primary research interests of Dr. Soudeyns are focused on chronic viral infections, notably HIV‐AIDS and hepatitis C. With the support of CIHR and other major funding agencies, his team is pursuing investigations on the pathogenesis of hepatitis C in pregnancy and childhood, on transmission of hepatitis C virus (HCV) from mother to child, and on long‐term remission of HIV infection in children and adolescents. The ultimate goal of this research program is to improve the clinical care of women suffering from hepatitis C, to prevent mother‐to‐child HCV transmission, and to understand whether early treatment initiation in HIV‐infected children can lead to durable, drug‐free remission. Results from this research could open the door to the development of novel practices in the management of HIV and HCV infections in women and children.

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