UBC Enhanced Skills Program H2SUM (HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health)

Program Overview

In collaboration with the UBC Department of Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Program (PGY3), the BC-CfE and the VCH – Vancouver Department of Family and Community Practice is pleased to offer a 3-month postgraduate training program.

This program will enhance the skills of family physicians in the areas of HIV, viral hepatitis, substance use disorders and mental illness. It will provide a comprehensive approach to the care of vulnerable and marginalized populations across the province and equip family physicians with the tools to manage the needs of complex patients.

On successful completion of the program, the R3 resident will be able to:

To obtain knowledge and experience in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of HIV-positive patients. This includes the management of common antiretroviral treatments toxicities and treatment failures, and the management of Pre and Post exposure prophylaxis to HIV.

To obtain knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis B and C infections. Additionally, to learn common treatment complications and potential drug interactions for viral hepatitis.

To become familiar with substance use disorders and its management, including opioid use disorder treatment options and harm reduction strategies.

To be able to manage common psychiatric conditions in an outpatient setting.

To be able to develop comprehensive primary care and treatment strategies for marginalized patients with complex comorbidities in a compassionate and culturally sensitive environment.

Enhanced Skills Program H2SUM (HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health)
Eligibility: CCFP certification, or

Eligibility for CCFP certification (current or expected to be obtained within the Enhanced Skills (ES) residency year); that is, a resident in their final year of FM residency, or a physician who is practice-eligible to sit the CFPC certification examination during the ES residency year.
Length of Program: 3 months (12 weeks) – Full Time
All participants of the program will foster all competencies in family medicine, as set out by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. For complete details on the learning outcomes, please read our program outline.
Sample of Clinical Activities: To be determined upon discussion with applicant. There will opportunities to attend a variety of clinics associated with the VCHA and the BC-CfE including the Urban Health ward at SPH.
Continuing Medical Education: Opportunities exist to participate in a variety of bi-weekly teaching rounds on HIV-related topics offered by the BC-CfE Clinical Education and Training Program. All R3s are encouraged to present in one of the BC-CfE Journal Clubs. For more information on BC-CfE events, please contact: education@bccfe.ca
Program Directors: Dr. Tina Webber
Program Director, R3 Enhanced Skills Program, UBC
E-mail: tina.webber@ubc.ca

Dr. Val Montessori
Director of Clinical Education
Co-chair of the CDET of the BC-CfE
Head-Division of Infectious Diseases SPH
E-mail: vmontessori@bccfe.ca

To Apply

To apply, please visit the UBC Enhanced Skills Program Admissions page.
Prospective 2021-2022 Residents
Applications are currently open

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Questions regarding the UBC Enhanced Skills Program H2SUM (HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health) can be sent via email to:

Clinical Education Team
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
E-mail: education@bccfe.ca
Phone: (604) 682-2344 ext 66877