BC-CfE releases new nurse practitioner course for treatment for people living with HIV

[From BC-CfE Forecast Newsletter, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, June 2020] The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE) clinical education team has a long tradition of working with BC’s nurses, supporting the training of BC nurse practitioners (NPs) for HIV prevention. Now, new to NPs and the BC-CfE, is the addition of a… Read More »

BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS invites the “Berlin Patient”, the first person to be cured of HIV, to Vancouver

[From BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, October 11, 2019] Timothy Brown, known worldwide as the “Berlin patient” and the first person to be cured of HIV, was introduced by Dr. Zabrina Brumme, Laboratory Director at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE) and Professor of Health Sciences at SFU, to a conference room… Read More »

Trial Pairs PrEP With Behavioral Intervention to Prevent HIV in Drug Users

[From ContagionLive, July 11, 2019] “Yale University investigators are leading a trial that is testing a bio-behavioral intervention’s ability to improve pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence and reduce the risk of HIV acquisition in individuals with opioid dependency, a population experiencing new outbreaks of HIV.” For more, click here.

Why We Still Need HIV Warriors

[From AIDS plus, July 11, 2019] “One of my very best friends found out he had HIV in the late 1990s. I was crushed but tried not to show it. After all, we had just watched dozens of friends, colleagues, and community leaders die of AIDS complications in the previous decade.” For more, click here.

Study From UK Shows Public Woefully Uninformed About HIV

[From Instinct, July 8 2019] “A survey from the UK shows 48% of respondents say they would be uncomfortable kissing someone who is living with HIV, even though 97% of those diagnosed in the UK are virally supressed thanks to modern antiretroviral medications.” For more, click here.

Australia Is Closing The Gay-Straight HIV Gap

[From HIV Plus, July 8 2019] “Recent Australian research revealed good news around HIV prevention. Gay and bisexual men are driving a sharp decline in new HIV transmissions in Australia — a 30 percent drop in just five years — according to the Kirby Institute’s 2018 HIV Surveillance Report.” For more, click here.

Kitchener has changed the way it’s helping people treat and prevent HIV — here’s how

[From CBC, July 5 2019] “For years after Greg Mann moved from Hamilton to Kitchener, he still had to make a time-consuming, twice-monthly commute between the two cities. Mann, who is HIV positive, spent more than four years with one standing appointment a month with his family doctor in Hamilton, and another with an HIV clinic at McMaster University.… Read More »

Most Americans Have Never Been HIV Tested, Why This Is Bad

[From Forbes, July 4 2019] “Here are several things that you should always know the status of: whether you are married, whether your toilet is overflowing, whether your hair is on fire, and whether you have HIV. Not knowing these can affect not only you but others around you.” For more, click here.

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