HIV Diagnosis and Management Saskatchewan - Supplementary Readings & Videos

HIV Diagnosis and Management Saskatchewan – Supplementary Readings & Videos

History of HIV/AIDS
HIV Testing, Diagnosis and ARV-based Chemoprophylaxes
  • Video Demonstration: How to Administer a Rapid HIV Test
  • Video Lecture: Routine HIV Testing in Practice
    Dr. Réka Gustafson (Vancouver Coastal Health) discusses when physicians should offer routine HIV testing and issues related to the changes in practice; focusing on informed consent, delegate follow up, acute infections, active public health follow up and active re-engagement in care. [56 min]
  • Delegated Public Health Follow-up
    The delegated public health follow-up process allows any physicians who order HIV tests to access support from public health for follow-up of positive results.
  • Webinar: HIV Diagnosis: Issues in HIV Testing
    Dr. Reka Gustafson (Medical Health Officer and Medical Director of Communicable Disease Control; UBC School of Population and Public Health) discusses the rationale and evidence for routine testing and treatment as prevention. Dr. David Hall (Vancouver Coastal Health; John Rudy Immunodeficiency Clinic, St. Paul’s Hospital; Faculty of Medicine at UBC) discusses the barriers to testing and identifying resources to facilitate testing and connecting patients to care. Paul Kerston (UBC & Positive Living Society of BC) discusses the importance of HIV Diagnosis for the support community and the HIV positive community. [60min]
  • Webinar: Test says HIV+… Now What?
    Glen Bradford (Positive Living Society of BC), Dr. Silvia Guillemi (John Rudy Immunodeficiency Clinic & BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS) and Mary Petty (John Rudy Immunodeficiency Clinic) discuss issues in linkages to care and access to care. [59min]
  • Video Lecture: Acute HIV Infection
    Dr. Mark Hull (UBC Division of AIDS) reviews Acute HIV infection and how to manage the HIV infection. [59min]
  • Video Lecture: Pre- and Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV
    Dr. Marianne Harris (Research Program, St. Paul’s Hospital; UBC Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Practice) discusses Pre- and Post-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV. [31min]
HIV Treatment
  • Webinar: Starting Treatment
    Dr. Marianne Harris and Jonathan Postnikoff discuss issues related to starting HIV treatment. [61min]
  • Webinar: Issues in antiretroviral treatment
    Junine Toy (Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, St. Paul’s Hospital) and Jennifer Hawkes (Northern Health Pharmacy, University Hospital of Northern BC; Blood Borne Pathogens Services, Northern Health) discuss issues related to antiretroviral treatment in British Columbia. Jonathan Postnikoff (Positive Living BC) discusses a example of an case. [60min]
  • Webinar: Treatment as Prevention
    Dr. Julio Montaner (UBC Division of AIDS & BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at Providence Health Care) and Mr. Paul Kerston (UBC & Positive Living Society of BC) discuss issues related to Treatment as Prevention in HIV. [58min]
Addictions and Mental Health