HIV Diagnosis and Management - Resources for Providers and Patients

HIV Diagnosis and Management – Resources for Providers and Patients

Provincial Guidelines
Telephone Helplines & Clinical Supports
  • REACH Line (Rapid Expert Advice and Consultation for HIV)
    604-681-5748 or 1-800-665-7677 (24/7)
    Call for timely and convenient clinical advice on HIV/AIDS treatment and management. REACH provides consultation services from infectious disease specialists, physicians, and/or pharmacists experienced in HIV management.
  • RACE Line (Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise )

    604-696-2131 or 1-877-696-2131 (Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm)
    Call RACE to speak to specialists on a variety of topics for assistance with care planning and patient management.
  • Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC) at St. Paul’s Hospital)
    604-806-8060 (Mon-Thu: 8am-8pm; Fri: 8am-4pm)
    A comprehensive primary care clinic for people living with HIV in BC. The IDC is a collaboration between the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Providence Health Care. With a focus on addressing the needs of the whole person and reducing the impact of poverty, addictions, mental health, food insecurity and episodic homelessness, the clinic offerers integrated and comprehensive services to patients.
    Services include: HIV primary care and specialist care, nursing, social work, peer navigation, dietician, Hepatitis C treatment, HIV testing, and intensive case management.
  • HIV Pharmacy at St. Paul’s Hospital

    Enroll patients in the HIV Drug Treatment Program. Reach an on-call HIV pharmacist.

  • BC-CfE HIV specialist consults- St. Paul’s Hospital


  • BC-CfE HIV and Hepatitis C clinic- St. Paul’s Hospital


  • Communicable Disease Nurses (Public Health)

    Vancouver: 604-675-3900
    Central Island: 1-866-770-7798
    North Island: 1-877-887-8835
    South Island: 1-866-665-6626
    Public Health nurses provide support with disclosure, need assessment of services/referrals required, and partner notification.

  • STOP HIV Outreach Team – Vancouver
    Provide comprehensive, flexible HIV testing, treatment, housing, public health follow-up and education. Services include outreach services, nursing support, physician services, peer support, and intensive case management.
  • Cool Aid Clinic- Victoria
    250-385-1466 (Mon, Tue, 9am to 6pm; Wed Thu, 9am to 8pm; Fri, 9am to 3pm; Sat, 10a, to 2pm)
    Services include: Community Health Care Centre.
  • Oak Tree Clinic
    604-875-2212 or 1-888-711-3030
    Provides specialized clinical care for women and children living with HIV in BC. Their interdisciplinary clinical team includes physicians (Adult, Pediatric, and Obstetric/ Gynecology), dieticians, outreach workers, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers.
  • University of Liverpool HIV Drug Interactions website
    A clinically useful, reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date, evidence-based drug-drug interaction resource, freely available to healthcare workers, patients and researchers.
  • Immunodeficiency Clinic- Toronto General Hospital
    Website of the Toronto General Hospital provides great information on HIV medication.
  • Prince George AIDS Prevention Program-Northern Health
    Walk in Clinic: 250-564-1727 Walk in Daily 1-6pm
    Outreach Vehicle: 250-960-9777 Mon-Sun 7-11pm
Additional Education & Training Resources for Providers