List of medications available in BC
The following HIV/AIDS Treatment Program and Special Access Program (SAP) drugs can be requested through the Centre using a drug request prescription form. All requests received will be assessed in terms of how they meet the established HIV/AIDS drug treatment guidelines. Eligible individuals will obtain, at no cost, HIV/AIDS therapies offered by the Centre’s Drug Treatment Program.

HIV/AIDS drugs available through the BC-CfE
How to request ARV's
For information on how to use this form, and to learn about program eligibility, enrolment, and obtaining HIV medication in BC, please click here.
DTP Drug Request Form
The HIV/AIDS Drug Request Prescription Form (PDF) may be downloaded by clicking on the button below. Paper copies of the form may be requested from the BC-CfE HIV Drug Treatment Program

HIV/AIDS Drug Request Prescription Form (PDF)
Patient Flowsheet (male & female)
Click on the respective button bellow to download either the Male or Female HIV Patient Care Flow Sheet.

HIV Patient Care Flow Sheet (Adult Male) HIV Patient Care Flow Sheet (Adult Female)
Lab Requisition Form
The BC-CfE Laboratory Program provides both routine clinical HIV/AIDS laboratory services and specialized patient testing.

Laboratory Requisition Form, British Columbia Laboratory Requisition Form, Outside British Columbia