BC-CfE HIV Community of Practice Listserv

If you are a health care provider and want to stay up to date with the latest information on HIV research, care, and management, join us at the HIV Community of Practice Listserv. The HIV Community of Practice is your way to stay connected with monthly emails on HIV care.


Learn what’s new in HIV prevention and care in the HIV Community of Practice listserv. As a member of the HIV Community of Practice listserv, you can expect to receive content that includes:

Upcoming Events

Links to upcoming events (BC-CfE and external).

Case Studies

Discuss cases with HIV Community of Practice members.

Ask & Share

Opportunities to ask questions and share cases, events, and articles.


Discussions related to clinical practice and logistics of care.

Attachments can be included in Listserv mailings. Where possible, links to articles, abstracts, and other content will be used to avoid large message sizes. When case studies are discussed, participants will be able to attach relevant content, with identifying information removed. Use of patient identifying information is strictly prohibited. The views and content presented within the HIV Community of Practice Listserv, unless otherwise stated, are personal and belong solely to the author of the post, and do not represent the BC-CfE, its affiliates, or its employees.


HIV Community of Practice members can expect to receive a listserv mailing on the first Monday of every month.


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